The Lumberjack and the Woodpecker is 3D animated film produced at SCAD where I served as a modeler, texture artist, lighting artist, rigger, and director.  I textured both of the human characters (Forrest and Woody) and modeled Forrest and the baby woodpecker, Chip.  Woody and Forrest's grooms and tailoring were done by Christian Rodriguez and textured by me.  Woody was modeled by David Penagos, with the boots modeled/textured by Jeremy Moore.  I rigged both humans using Advanced Skeleton for the body controls with a custom facial solution I built from the ground up for each character.

Forrest faces.jpg

The Lumberjack and the Woodpecker was developed from May 2020-June 2021.  It is currently making festival rounds.

Posters designed by Juan Diego Torres and Nathan Huseth.

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fall pres.png
Winter Poster_PNG_Smaller.png