Voiceover Work

I've been doing voiceover work in podcasts, animated shorts, online series, musicals, and narration since 2014.  If you like what you hear, please feel free to contact me at cbushoven@gmail.com or via the contact form on my website.

Home Studio Raw Sample: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ef9lqMizIN3KTlHj2vPN_hEZSym09I2o/view?usp=sharing


-Audio-Technica ATHM50x Studio Monitors

-Solid State Logic 2+

-Rode Nt2a


"Connor is a high quality voice actor with a vast vocal range, a quick response time, will be a breeze to direct, creative in delivery, and has a dedication to completion you rarely see in amateur VAs. Don’t be mistaken, Connor Bushoven is no amateur.
His completion of the role is proof of his drive and passion for voice acting, a testament to his substantial talent.
Connor Bushoven should be highly sought after. I assure you, he will exceed your expectations for any role you’re considering him for."

-Ccmaci, creator of "Hallownest Vocalized" mod for Hollow Knight

"An amazing range, timely turnaround and a great performance time and time again. You definitely have to cast Connor!"

Connor was fantastic to work with! He understood the character right away, and delivered a stellar performance on the first take. He managed to nail the voice I had pictured in my head while writing the character and I would happily recommend him for any of your projects.
-M.C. Tammer, creator of "Honest Herb" mod for Fallout: New Vegas

Connor is extremely professional, and was more than willing to do a retake when needed. He delivered his lines very fast and very high quality. He brought a great depth and dimension to the character and was able to convey a great range of emotions both bombastic and subtle.
-Ash Black, creator of Cafe & Diner Archives